Meet Ian Cameron

Meet Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron is committed to serving his community, leveraging great ideas into action and advocating for clear principles in Ottawa. Ian has over 14 years of professional and volunteering experience and brings a creative approach to implementing ideas.

Currently a resident of Kenilworth in East Edmonton, Ian has lived in the Edmonton area for most of his life and has roots in rural Alberta (New Sarepta and Sherwood Park).

Ian Cameron is a principal chemical engineer and risk management consultant providing services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, pipeline and fertilizer industries throughout Western Canada. He has earned two bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Science and Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. In addition, Ian Cameron is the current Chair and Board of Directors member of an Alberta-based non-profit focused on delivering literacy programming to Canadian families.

Upon becoming our candidate, Ian had this to say:

“I’m excited to be a part of a movement in Canada defending clear principles of small-government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect. The People’s Party of Canada is committed to delivering on these values and I’m privileged to be representing Edmonton Strathcona for Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada in this federal election."

"I believe our message will resonate strongly with electors in Edmonton Strathcona and we are in an important position to shift the balance of power in this riding. Our platform is straightforward: freedom of speech, sustainable immigration, flat tax rates, no corporate welfare, no supply management cartels, and no new taxes. The People’s Party of Canada is the principled alternative."

"Additionally, if elected I would be proud to introduce a Private Member’s Bill to revisit the results of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform from 2016 in order to permanently strengthen our democracy in Canada."

"We have an opportunity to affect significant change in the election this fall. I look forward to meeting all of you!"

To an amazing campaign,
Ian Cameron

Ian Kael Cameron - Edmonton Strathcona